BIM Coordination

In order to be competitive with today's aggressive markets and obtain maximum efficiencies of product fabrication and field installation, companies find themselves always looking for that leading edge or one attribute that sets them above the rest.

Desert Mechanical Incorporated has refined our use of the most modern tools and programs available within the market today to establish a higher level of achievement when it comes to 3D modeling, detailing and the coordination aspect of the most complex projects (BIM). When combined with our in house engineering services we can provide maximum productivity and overall cost savings to our clients.

One of the most widely utilized methods in the industry today has been the implementation of 3D modeling for coordination, pre-fabrication, and material quantification (DMI) has been able to rise above the competition by developing our own custom programs that enable us to expedite the drawing and coordination process.

During the coordination process our technicians will conduct a thorough review of the contract drawings for all relevant disciplines, all materials and equipment submittals, project specifications, and any other supplemental documentation required prior to any detailing.

Once some basic guidelines have been established between contractors our technicians will begin detailing and developing shop drawings by establishing elevations and locations of all mechanical systems while simultaneously building the 3D model and collision checking against structure and other trades these shop drawings will then be used for all field installation and pre-fabrication for the project.

As part of our dedication to precision-quality product fabrication and installation, DMI uses AutoCAD-based 3-D modeling systems for material quantification, pre-fabrication and coordination. BIM 3D modeling allows complete real-space visualization of even the most complex projects. The data can be directly downloaded into CAD software and automated fabrication systems, enabling unprecedented efficiency and accuracy in prefabrication and field installation time.

Using the most advanced modeling technology available allows DMI to rise to the leading edge of innovative construction design and engineering. Our clients can take confidence in having access to the industry's most advanced, cost-saving, cutting-edge tools.